World Mental Health Day, Weds 10 Oct

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is ‘Young People and Mental Health’.

Young LGBTQ people face particular challenges to their mental health, which leave them especially prone to suffering anxiety, depression and suicidal distress. For example, almost half of trans school and college students in the UK have attempted suicide (Stonewall, School Report 2017).

It’s important to stress that there’s nothing about being LGBTQ itself that causes people to suffer poor mental health. Rather, it is prejudice, abuse, and pressure to conform that leave LGBTQ folk experiencing poor mental health. Whether it’s homophobic bullying at school, bi-erasure in the media or poor access to trans care pathways and medical care, LGBTQ youth suffer numerous hurdles that their straight and/or cis peers do not have to face.

Added to this are the challenges faced by all youth, such as the heightened peer-pressure that comes from social media, and the poor financial and employment prospects available to young people. It’s not hard to see why LGBTQ youth today are having such a hard time.

Here at MindOut we offer a range of services that support LGBTQ young people directly. Our peer support groups are very popular, with relevant themes including under 30’s support, queer identities and more. Meanwhile our webchat service is available most evenings (and some daytimes), offering one-to-one support in a medium that appeals to younger service users.

For more information about our services (which also include counselling, peer mentoring, and advocacy), see:

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