Out of the Blue – an LGBTQ group for support with suicidal thoughts

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Many LGBTQ people have experienced suicidal thoughts For some of us these may be about closing down and coming around again once the pain or hurt of something passes.  For others, these thoughts may be reoccurring or constant and may lead to high levels of distress where plans are made to harm ourselves or end … Read more


Help us reduce suicidal distress for LGBTQ people “8 out of 10 MindOut service users have experienced suicidal distress now or at some point in their lives. We are dedicating this Crowdfunder to our Online Support service which helps many LGBTQ people deal with suicidal distress every day from around the UK and internationally. This much-needed … Read more

Work It Out – a peer support group for LGBTQ people juggling work and mental health

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If you are lesbian, gay, bi, trans or queer and: – in paid employment and worried about your mental health – experiencing anxiety, depression or stress at work or at home – concerned about your work/life balance – feeling isolated with these issues …and think by talking and listening to other people with shared identities … Read more

LGBTQ Weight Management focus group – participants wanted!

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MindOut is looking for participants to take part in a focus group on experiences of weight management for LGBTQ people who live with mental health difficulties. We are hosting this focus group on Wednesday January 15th at Community Base from 1pm. The focus group will take around 90 minutes, and you will receive a shopping … Read more

Better Communication in Intimate Relationships

MindOut is launching a new skills training group for LGBTQ people. Learn more about: listening skills dealing with conflict ending well intimacy and solitude This free, 8 week course on relationship skills aims to be safe, non-judgemental, welcoming and affirmative of relationship diversity. Wednesdays 6-8pm, starting 28th January. Fore more information contact: [email protected] or call … Read more

Honouring James Ledward and his legacy

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James Ledward was immensely supportive of mental health, he cared about all the health inequalities facing LGBTQ people, and understood how important mental health is.  MindOut would not be where it is today without James’s support, foresight and help. James gave us space in Gscene to write about mental health.  Fifteen years ago it was … Read more

MindOut Volunteer Recruitment

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We are recruiting for volunteers! We are looking for Peer Mentors and Online Support Worker volunteers. If you are interested in being a volunteer, click here to download our application pack, which includes the role specifications and the application form. Please note, all of our volunteer opportunities are currently based in Brighton and surrounding. Completed … Read more