MindOut is a project run by and for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer people.  Our staff, volunteers and board of trustees, are all LGBTQ. 100% of our team have lived experience of mental health needs, or caring responsibilities for a person with lived experience.

Our board of Trustees meets regularly to oversee the running of the charity. Our trustees have a range of experience and expertise to enable effective management of the organisation. Our trustee board includes current and ex service users of MindOut services, and those who are or have used statutory mental health services and other provision.

If you would like to contact MindOut's trustees, please email [email protected]

Read on for more information about each member of the trustee board.


Alison France-9
Alison France (Chair)

Alison joined the board in September 2016 and her work as a trustee includes improving the sustainability of the charity as well as helping out with fundraising, including completing a 5k sponsored swim (200 lengths).

Her background is in business psychology, leadership and organisation development.  This involves enabling organisations to improve strategy, structure, talent, processes, reward and culture.  Alison develops people’s ability to integrate opinions from diverse backgrounds, for example; improving teamwork and performance and embracing diversity and reducing inequality.

She is committed to destigmatising conversations about mental health and enabling LGBTQI people to achieve their potential.

black and white photo of sharon munnings smiling
Sharon Munnings

Sharon has held leadership and management roles within the mental health and voluntary sector for over fifteen years. Sharon has many years’ experience of managing supported accommodation services for people with mental health and complex needs in the city. She has subsequently developed her experience to benefit others through her senior management leadership role in a local charity.  Sharon is passionate about the delivery of quality services; client involvement, person-centred approaches, Safeguarding, equality, empowerment and partnership working are all areas of experience and interest.

Sharon is the  Community Works mental health and wellbeing representative in Brighton and Hove, and is committed to raising the profile of third sector organisations in the city, as well as representing the needs and voices of people using the services.

Sharon is committed to ensuring that LGBTQI communities with mental health needs have access to affirmative and empowering support services and was delighted to join the Board of Trustees in May 2015. Sharon is committed to championing the work of Mind Out in the city and is keen to ensure service sustainability and visibility in the city.

portrait of Kris Auld
Kris Auld

Kris is Senior Manager for Lloyds Banking Group and is charity director for the LGBT Rainbow network.
At Lloyds, he has introduced four new LGBT training guides and managed the delivery of the group's Prides session.
Kris' proudest moment supporting the Rainbow network has been leading the charity engagement, in 2017 the group raised over £94K for LGBT charities which will make a big difference to the communities.
Kris is particularly keen to support mental health developments in the workplace as well as the wider LGBT community.

portrait of George Eastman
George Eastman

George became a trustee in September 2017, and brings a wealth of leadership and change knowledge to the Board. George currently manages a vulnerable customer department for a large financial institution, which supports customers with unique and difficult circumstances including mental health, to manage and maintain their financial situation,
George is experienced at leading diversity and inclusion work streams across large areas and business units, working collaboratively at an organizational level, to achieve desired outcomes.
As current Treasurer, George has the will and commitment to strengthen the longer term sustainability of MindOut through robust financial planning, raising an awareness of services provided across the LGBTQI community and future strategic funding arrangements.